How to Become A Member

Completion of the Following Classes:
  • PHOTO1 The Basics
  • PHOTO2 Techniques
  • PHOTO3 Perfection


20% OFF Beginner Classes (Previously Attended)

For any Beginner classes you have attended, if you wish to attend those classes a second time you will receive a 20% discount. This discount does not apply to Excursions, Workshops or Lectures.

50% OFF of all Excursions

By becoming a member you receive 50% off Photo Excursions. Excursions are a great way to practice with Lead Instructor, Lana Kelley assisting you outside the classroom. This is where you receive the coaching and support to improve your photographic skills. Join us each month for photography excursions where we take pictures together “on- location”. A great way to meet new people with an interest in photography.

50% OFF of all Lectures

By becoming a member you receive 50% off Lectures. From time to time we hold Lectures as a great way to take an in-depth exploration of various aspects of photography. A great way to fill in any gaps in your photographic knowledge.

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