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Lead Instructor, Lana Kelley
Available Weekdays 10am-6pm
2-hour Private Lessons
$50 Non-Refundable Deposit Required
$300 min per person
To request a private lesson, CALL US! 281-716-2112


Private Lessons are great for anyone who needs help getting better acquainted with their camera and its functions. Some people feel more comfortable and learn better one on one.  Others learn best in a group situation where they are exposed to other people’s questions. If you are a one-on-one type of person and find it difficult to figure out how to access some of the functions on your camera, then his will be a perfect way for you to become a master of your camera. We will tailor your lesson

  • One-on-one instruction
  • Learn about your specific camera
  • Personal attention at your pace
  • Learn what you want to learn
  • Get instructor feedback after the lesson






GIFT Certificate Info

How will I receive the gift certificate?  You will receive your printable gift certificate via email.  You may include a personalized message on the gift certificate if you would like. Make sure to check your spam folder, in case you don’t find the gift certificate in your inbox!

When do Gift Certificates Expire?  Gift certificates expire 2 years after purchase. After expiration, gift certificates can still be used. However, the gift recipient will be responsible for paying the difference in price if our prices have changed after the expiration date. 


  • Navigate to class(es) you wish to register for. For Beginner and Software classes, you must select your class dates from the individual classes rather than class series.
  • Choose a class date and click “Add to Cart”
  • Apply your gift code to the shopping cart.  This will automatically apply the gift certificate so you can complete your registration without providing payment. More Info
What is the Return Policy? [wpex more="Answer" less="Close"] To view all details of our return and class reschedule policy please click here: Return/Reschedule Policy  [/wpex]
How long are each of the Beginner classes?  [wpex more="Answer" less="Close"] Each of the classes within the Beginner program are one-day classes. We like to keep these classes at 2.5 hours in length so you don't feel overwhelmed. These classes are typically scheduled a week apart from each other which gives you the chance to practice and absorb the information before you move forward. [/wpex]
Should I take the Beginner Photography Classes in order?  [wpex more="Answer" less="Close"] It is highly suggested to take each photography class in the order they are designed  Each class builds on information you have learned from the previous class.  You can however take the Picture Editing class without having taken any of the Beginner PHOTO classes. [/wpex]
Can I reschedule a Beginner Class(es) if I need to?  [wpex more="Answer" less="Close"] Yes, you can reschedule any of the Beginner classes. There is a rescheduling fee of $10. To reschedule a class, simply login to your account to submit a Reschedule Request. You must submit your reschedule request within 30 days of your missed class date.  For more information on the rescheduling process and rescheduling fees, please read our Rescheduling/Return Policy. [/wpex]
Can I reschedule a Photo Workshop if I need to?  [wpex more="Answer" less="Close"] You can receive a credit for a Workshop in the event you need to cancel your attendance. However you must submit your request 14 days prior to the scheduled Workshop date. Cancellations submitted within the 14 day window will not receive any credits or refunds. All Workshop purchases/registrations are final. You can however transfer your Workshop registration to a friend without any extra charge by calling us at 281-716-2112. For more information on the rescheduling process and rescheduling fees, please read our Rescheduling/Return Policy. [/wpex]
Do I need to have my own camera for the classes?  [wpex more="Answer" less="Close"] We do not provide cameras to students in the class.  It is suggested that you bring your own camera to class so you can learn how to navigate your specific brand and model camera. If you plan to attend the class with a friend or partner you are welcome to share a camera with them. [/wpex]
Is it difficult to learn with people each having different cameras in the class?  [wpex more="Answer" less="Close"] All cameras are like cars in the sense that they all have the same basic functions. The big difference is that they are all organized a bit differently. During the class the instructor will explain how to access and control different aspects of your camera no matter whether you have a Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc. [/wpex]
How do member discounts work & how do I become a member?[wpex more="Answer" less="Close"] By attending the Beginner 3 Class Series you will automatically become a member. This is the only way to enjoy membership discounts on Excursion and Lectures. There are NO  discounts for Workshops. So long as you are logged in to your account while registering for an Excursion or Lecture, your discounts will automatically be calculated. For full details on member discounts, please visit out membership page.[/wpex]
Is there an age limit for taking photography classes?  [wpex more="Answer" less="Close"] All ages are welcome to attend our classes. The large majority of our students are adults, but students even as young as 11years old have attended our classes. We advise parents to make sure their children understand that learning photography is both artistic as well as technical. As long as your child realistically understands that learning photography inevitably has a technical component to it, then your child will do very well in the class. [/wpex]
What type of camera should I use for the class?  [wpex more="Answer" less="Close"] It is suggested that you have an SLR, quasi-SLR or Mirrorless camera.  If you are not sure what type of camera you own, check the list below to see if your camera is recommended for our classes. The key requirement is for your camera to provide the option to not use the Automatic setting.  If you do not find your brand or model camera in the list below you can call for more information; your camera may still be recommended for our classes! (281) 716-2112. [/wpex]
Can you recommend a good camera for me to buy?  [wpex more="Answer" less="Close"] We recommend speaking with knowledgeable sales people who continuously keep up with the latest products on the market. You can get well informed purchasing info from the people at Houston Camera Exchange. HCE carries the greatest variety and quality of camera gear in the Houston Area market. They are also familiar with the camera requirements for our classes. Houston Camera Exchange website: or call them at (713)-789-6901. [/wpex]
Will I receive a certificate of completion after I have taken photo classes?  [wpex more="Answer" less="Close"] We do not offer any form of certification in photography because there are no photographer "certifications" that hold authority. The best way a photographer demonstrates their qualifications is through their photography portfolio. A portfolio gives real examples of your photographic skills, and is always the most important representation of your abilities. [/wpex]

Recommended Cameras for Classes

In order to take full advantage of our classes, we recommend using the type of camera that allows you to interchange lenses. Therefore all DSLR cameras and Mirrorless cameras. The most necessary camera feature required for our classes, is the ability to take the camera off of the automatic mode. We support all brands of cameras in our classes including Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic Lumix, Fuji and Leica. If you are unsure whether you camera qualifies for our classes please give us a call: (281)716-2112


Beginner Class, Workshop, and Excursion registrations are Non-Refundable. Refunds for Gift Certificates are available up to 7-days after purchase. 
HOW TO RESCHEDULE A CLASS -  Login to your account to submit a reschedule request. After submitting your request you will receive an email response within 2 business days providing you with a rescheduling code & instructions to reschedule your class(es) online. Your rescheduling code will be valid for 3 months.

RESCHEDULING POLICYTo determine your options for rescheduling your registration, please read the subsections below:  
  • BEGINNER CLASSES - All Beginner class purchases are not eligible for refund. However, you may request a class credit to reschedule your class. There is a $20 rescheduling/credit fee per class. You may request a class credit/reschedule up to 10 days after your original class date. If you have signed up for a package series you may need to reschedule multiple classes in order to attend those classes in their intended order.

  • WORKSHOPS - All Workshop class purchases are not eligible for refund.  If you have not downloaded the Workshop class materials, you may reschedule your Workshop by submitting a reschedule request no less than 10 days prior to the Workshop date. There is a $20 rescheduling/credit fee per workshop. 

  • EXCURSIONS - All Excursion purchases purchases are not eligible for refund. There is also no option to reschedule your Excursion. Therefore you should make sure your schedule will permit you to attend the Excursion before you register.

  • GIFT CERTIFICATES - All gift certificates are non-refundable after purchase. Gift certificates expire 2 years after the purchase date. In the event your gift certificate is not working, you may request that we reset your gift code. Simply email your gift code to:

  • TRANSFER A CLASS - All classes, workshops and gift certificates can be transferred to another person without penalty. To transfer your class(es) to a friend or family member you must contact EverydayPhotoClass at 281-716-2112. All applicable rescheduling fees still apply to transferred classes.

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