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Student Photo: Dave Grice - Outdoor Portrait Workshop

Student Photo: Dave Grice – Outdoor Portrait Workshop

EverydayPhotoClass is a Houston local photography education center. We offer easy to understand Digital photography lessons to help you learn your camera’s settings. Our goal is to help you take amazing pictures. Our classes are structured to give you the highest quality photography education you can use in the real world. Lead instructor, Lana Kelley, has carefully crafted the most comprehensive photography classes in Houston to help even the most novice of students. Her skills in the classroom set EverydayPhotoClass apart from all other education venues.

student practice excursion photowalks for learning photography

Brazos Bend State Park – Photo Excursion


Attending our photo excursions gives you hands-on photography practice the Houston area.  Each month we choose a new and different location to give you a variety of shooting opportunities. We recommend attending excursions after you have completed the Beginner Photography Classes. Lead Instructor, Lana Kelley will help coach you to improve your skills and help you feel more comfortable with your camera and photography skills. This is a fun way to learn and explore the Greater Houston Area. Each month we pick a new location to visit. Become a member to receive Excursion Discounts.


Our photography lessons help you learn beginner and advanced photography techniques for indoor and outdoor photography, flash, sports & action, and portrait photography. The EverydayPhotoClass instructor provides you with real world scenarios, photography vocabulary & home set-ups that can be achieved by anyone. You would be surprised to know how many neat things your camera can do to give you beautiful pictures. If you are a beginner photographer in Houston then you have come to the right place. We have crafted our photography lessons specifically for those of you that simply want to enjoy discovering your camera. Even if you are at an advanced level in photography, we have plenty of classes to suit you as well.

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Student Photo: Sued Bughdadi – Buffalo Bayou Excursion

Some of the topics covered throughout our photography lessons include: how to use semi auto modes, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, EV compensation and bracketing. We also show you how to use basic and advanced camera functions such as shutter drive, focusing drive, focal length, AE/AF Lock, metering and more. These camera classes also give you photography tips and techniques on how and when to use these functions, which can be the most challenging aspect of photography.

You may have seen some of these things on your camera but you just don’t know what they are used for. These are all basic aspects of photography that beginners can easily become familiar with. You will see the difference just by looking at your pictures. Our photography classes make it really easy because we know that all you want is beautiful pictures without getting lost. Let us show you the way with beginner photography classes at EverydayPhotoClass here in Houston, TX.

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